Waldorf Astoria Hotel Rome, A Beauty of Elegance

The Rome Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria Hotels and Resorts, perched atop a hill and housing one of the best restaurants in Italy ,'La Pergola', lies just outside the city centre and 3km from the renowned Vatican City. In this manner the Waldorf Astoria pays a fitting homage to the Seven Hills of Rome, echoing their ancient glory and prestige, yet this is just the beginning.


Long Chim; The Beauty of Contrast

Located at the basement of the grandeur State Building in the Cathedral Square precinct, Long Chim Perth takes us from an elegant Victorian style building to a bustling Bangkok street.


Piccolo's Corner, A Hidden Gem In Leafy West Leederville

Fresh, countryside and inviting; the first three things that spring to mind when you first step inside the quaint Piccolo’s Corner café at the corner of St. Leonards Ave and Woolwich St in West Leederville. Although it’s located in Perth’s inner-city, it ironically embodies the opposite feeling of a city; real, not artificial.


COMO The Treasury Hotel - Perth

The long wait for this beautiful precinct is almost over. Australia’s first luxurious Como property will be expected to open their doors by mid October 2015 in Perth’s 140 year old State Building that has just been revitalized by Kerry Hill and FJM Property. In saying that, the precinct now is one of the most significant heritage precincts in Perth, and Western Australia.


How To Pick The Right Artworks For Your Home

Whenever we watch movies, no matter if it’s Christian Grey’s luxury penthouse apartment in the CBD or Phil Dunphy’s suburban house, the appearance of their home always looks homey, inviting and livable. How? It all lies on how the interior stylists style the home set with the appropriate furniture, accessories and several of artworks to finish them up. Artworks are definitely a key point of making a home feels finished, personal and livable. It can be as simple as paintings, or even accessories such as statues, jewellery, or something personal.


Decor & Design Show 2015

After spending a whole week in Melbourne, Discover LLB has finally landed back in Perth. We showcased our very own Car’C Coffee Table at VIVID (Vibrant Visions in Designs) Décor and Design show. This year’s show marks the 13th year of VIVID, and was joined by many bold and bright young Australian designers’ design pieces. VIVID is one of the longest running design competitions in Australia and is curated by Caroline Caneva FDIA (hon), which made this a highly anticipated event for both local and international designers. This event has showcased over 1000 pieces from more than 650 Australian designers. Designers such as Marc Pascal, Ross Gardnam, David Harwick, Dale Hardiman and Adam Lynch are only some of the past conquerors of this competition.


How To Personalise Your IKEA Home

IKEA is the world’s largest retail giant in the furniture industry, achieving its success with low product prices, afforded by their innovative packaging and build-it-yourself philosophy.

However, the down-side of great success and furniture widely available to everybody is standardisation and a lack of uniqueness, especially in an industry that relies on people’s personal preference. Many IKEA customers worry that if they have an IKEA home, their house will more or less look like somebody else’s IKEA home.

But don’t despair; with a little bit of interior design expertise, you can counteract this! As part of Discover LLB’s guidelines to affordable luxury living, here are our 9 top tips to help you personalise your IKEA home!

Tip #1: Mix n’ Match

Mix your IKEA furniture with products from other companies. You can use other similar brands like Super Amart, Freedom, or even Fantastic Furniture to keep your furniture pieces unique and integrate through your personal style, rather than a business’ product line. If you got a good eye, you will be able to choose the right, appealing interior at an affordable price.

Even with Discover LLB, we incorporate IKEA furniture into our client’s new home, alongside other similar and non-similar brands to personalise their room. We decided to incorporate different brands of furniture with the IKEA’s Kallax bookshelf as an AV unit, and surrounding the AV unit with Italian chairs by Calligaris and accessorise the look with assorted personal touch in order to create a warm personalised room.



With the coming cold winter weather, what better ways to spend your night than staying in with your loved ones? Binge-watching your favourite TV shows or movies on Netflix or Stan, might just be the night you have always dreamed of!

I bet you, the fulfilling experience of binge-watching your favourite show will be more enjoyable if spent on a well-designed luxurious home!

With this in mind, Discover LLB would like to introduce our recent slogan, which is affordable luxury. Many people do wonder, whether or not it is possible to have a well designed home at an affordable price. The answer to that is, YES! At Discover LLB, we make luxurious living affordable.

Today, there are many reality TV shows on home renovations, such as Top Design Australia and Reno Rumble. These TV shows aim to inspire their audience and show consumers that it is possible to have a well designed home with a budget. 

This has also inspired us at Discover LLB, to providing consumers with the best possible quality design at an affordable price. We are here to help you in projecting your design ideas. 

At Discover LLB, we believe that a luxurious home does not necessarily have to be expensive. The key to an expensive looking home lies on details, comfort and not forgetting simplicity. As Leonardo da Vinci mentioned, “simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication”.

With Discover LLB owning an expensive looking home at an affordable budget is no longer a myth. Our secret is maximising all resources given to us by our clients. We will show you how to maximise resources to produce a luxurious home with three simple rules. 

Rule #1: Details

The key to a well designed home is always on details. This aspect of your home should express your personality. Everyone has different styles, so the first rule is to define your personality and tailor your dream house to who you are. “An interior is the natural projection of the soul” – Coco Chanel. Hence, finding the right furniture is vital for a well designed home.

At Discover LLB, we have a wide range of excellent suppliers that will help you find the right furniture for your home, for instance the coffee table featured on Reno Rumble (Ep 13). We understand that our clients vary in budget, and not everyone can afford an Armani Casa Home. Thus with the range of suppliers, design creativity and innovations that we have, we will bring your ideas of a perfect home to life.

Personal touches such as artworks, plants or any small details that speaks your personality should definitely be integrated to your home. Most importantly, a perfect home always have a touch of imperfection incorporated to create that feeling of comfort.

Rule #2: Comfort

A luxurious home does not only have to look expensive, but it should also be comfortable. One of the key rules in interior designing is the perfect balance between looks and functionality. Coco Chanel once said, “luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury”.

At Discover LLB we aim to delivering the best possible design, while in the same time ensuring the comfort of our clients. We aim to get the most out of the space and resources given. To achieve this, we have to find the right fabric, colour and material that will compliment the desired look of the room. 

Rule #3: Simplicity

Nothing speaks exclusive more than simplicity. At Discover LLB, we believe that true beauty lies on simplicity. Our designs are based on simplicity by emphasising on certain focal points to bring the room to life.

A room will lose focus when it is too cluttered. Hence, we believe simplicity with the right touch of details and comfort will compliment each other and create an exceptional living space. 


How To Make Your Home Winter Ready

Winter is coming! We are all ready for more time inside and Discover LLB has put together 5 simple tips and shopping ideas to get your home winter ready. So turn the heater on, snuggle under the blanket and grab that cup of soup and enjoy the warmth of your winter home!


Make Your Study Room Inviting!

Do you ever crave to read your favourite books while lounging in a homey study area? This study/library features everything you could ask for. With the brief of this room being simplicity, the client aimed to achieve a warm, relaxing, inviting yet practical study room for themselves and their two children; allowing them to read their books with a bit of privacy. Therefore, there are 3 main things we focused on to achieve the brief stated:


The-Arc Perth ‘Curated by Design’ Event

The-Arc Perth event was attended by 181 invitees from Perth`s leading firms at the city`s iconic Perth Concert Hall.


Festive Kitchen

Sleek, festive and glamorous. This kitchen style and décor is perfect for the home you and your loved ones desire.


Our Team

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DiscoverLLB Display Unit


Our in-house display unit design with sliding door is simply ‘seen to be unseen’. It’s contemporary design hides only what you want hidden, whilst putting the rest on display! Visit www.discoverllb.com for more inspirational ideas