How To Personalise Your IKEA Home

IKEA is the world’s largest retail giant in the furniture industry, achieving its success with low product prices, afforded by their innovative packaging and build-it-yourself philosophy.

However, the down-side of great success and furniture widely available to everybody is standardisation and a lack of uniqueness, especially in an industry that relies on people’s personal preference. Many IKEA customers worry that if they have an IKEA home, their house will more or less look like somebody else’s IKEA home.

But don’t despair; with a little bit of interior design expertise, you can counteract this! As part of Discover LLB’s guidelines to affordable luxury living, here are our 9 top tips to help you personalise your IKEA home!

Tip #1: Mix n’ Match

Mix your IKEA furniture with products from other companies. You can use other similar brands like Super Amart, Freedom, or even Fantastic Furniture to keep your furniture pieces unique and integrate through your personal style, rather than a business’ product line. If you got a good eye, you will be able to choose the right, appealing interior at an affordable price.

Even with Discover LLB, we incorporate IKEA furniture into our client’s new home, alongside other similar and non-similar brands to personalise their room. We decided to incorporate different brands of furniture with the IKEA’s Kallax bookshelf as an AV unit, and surrounding the AV unit with Italian chairs by Calligaris and accessorise the look with assorted personal touch in order to create a warm personalised room.