How To Personalise Your IKEA Home

IKEA is the world’s largest retail giant in the furniture industry, achieving its success with low product prices, afforded by their innovative packaging and build-it-yourself philosophy.

However, the down-side of great success and furniture widely available to everybody is standardisation and a lack of uniqueness, especially in an industry that relies on people’s personal preference. Many IKEA customers worry that if they have an IKEA home, their house will more or less look like somebody else’s IKEA home.

But don’t despair; with a little bit of interior design expertise, you can counteract this! As part of Discover LLB’s guidelines to affordable luxury living, here are our 9 top tips to help you personalise your IKEA home!

Tip #1: Mix n’ Match

Mix your IKEA furniture with products from other companies. You can use other similar brands like Super Amart, Freedom, or even Fantastic Furniture to keep your furniture pieces unique and integrate through your personal style, rather than a business’ product line. If you got a good eye, you will be able to choose the right, appealing interior at an affordable price.

Even with Discover LLB, we incorporate IKEA furniture into our client’s new home, alongside other similar and non-similar brands to personalise their room. We decided to incorporate different brands of furniture with the IKEA’s Kallax bookshelf as an AV unit, and surrounding the AV unit with Italian chairs by Calligaris and accessorise the look with assorted personal touch in order to create a warm personalised room.

Tip #2: Work around the main feature of the room
Find a focal point for your room design; spend a tad bit more of money on that item and less on the others. By doing so, your IKEA products will complement the ambience of your room rather than take the central spotlight.

Tip #3: Avoid Mainstream Choices
We are sure that several products come to mind when you hear the phrase, “IKEA signature products”. Is it the IKEA’s Expedit/Kallax bookshelf? Or is it IKEA’s Brimnes chest drawers?

These products are harder to blend into a room, given their easy recognition as IKEA products and most people’s households. IKEA has a wide range of products that are less conventional. Prior to purchasing anything, you should do research on IKEA’s ‘signature pieces’ and work out what their niche furniture pieces are.

However, the popular furniture can still be integrated into your house using our next three tips!

Tip #4: Break the rules! Use furniture creatively
IKEA has no fixed rules on how you should use their products. So why not get creative? That Kallax bookshelf that everyone has is recognisable as a shelf, but with a creative eye, you can utilise it an AV unit, shoe rock or even a horizontal shelf.

Tip #5: Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise!
As Coco Chanel once proclaimed, “an interior is the natural projection of the soul.” Reflect your personality with accessories in your home; use bright-coloured throws, cushions, photo-frames, artworks and more. Cushions particularly personalise the plain nature of IKEA couches, and given the average cushion and cover costs $20 at IKEA, it’s highly recommended you look elsewhere for them. We recommend Villa de Luxe Boutique, who offer worldwide delivery and free delivery service across Australia.

Another way to convey your personality in a room is through artworks. Although IKEA has amazing artworks in each of their retail stores, we suggest that you discover and source your desired artworks from other places. While they’re unique now, you’ll soon see them in everyone’s home around Perth. If you are concern with pricing, we suggest that you check out local flea markets or thrift shops in town. You never know what you may find at a flea market, and more importantly they are at an affordable price!

Tip #6: Hack it! Personalise each piece of furniture
Have you ever considered in repainting your IKEA furniture? Or have you consider in adding extra details as a part of particular furniture?

There are numerous tips and ideas on how to hack your IKEA furniture. Personalisation comes in many forms, and your options are numerous. Grab that plain-looking IKEA furniture and paint-it, stick ornaments to it, get a graffiti artist to spray-paint it, let your kids draw on it, apply stickers to it; the possibilities are endless!

For example, you can add details or repaint your IKEA’s Parsons Cube Table in order to style up the entire look.

If you need more ideas, Buzzfeed has amazing guides on how to refurbish your IKEA furniture!

Tip #7: It All Lies on the Right Lamps!
Many people take lighting lightly. Excuse the pun, but that’s not very bright of them!

This is because lighting affects the entire ambience of a room. One of our suggestions is to avoid IKEA’s paper lanterns. Again, everyone has one or two of them.

Instead, find the right table and/or standing lamp to compliment the entire look of your home. Our favourite IKEA’s lamp is the sleek and elegant Alang table lamp.

Tip #8: Find the Right Inspiration
Remember, interior design is a massive industry and there are great ideas floating around every corner of the globe! We recommend that you check out ideas from interior design magazines or check out high-end furniture designs such as ARQ Designs, Ultimo, Living Edge, Contempo and District. These places offer custom furniture and ready-to-buy European furniture. There is no harm in checking these companies out, as you might find the right furniture that meets your price range!

Tip #9: Contact Discover LLB for Help!
Lastly, we know that interior designing may become a pain to some consumers. This is where we, Discover LLB, come in to rescue you from your troubles! We will work within your budget and aim to maximise any space and resources you give us!