Decor & Design Show 2015

After spending a whole week in Melbourne, Discover LLB has finally landed back in Perth. We showcased our very own Car’C Coffee Table at VIVID (Vibrant Visions in Designs) Décor and Design show. This year’s show marks the 13th year of VIVID, and was joined by many bold and bright young Australian designers’ design pieces. VIVID is one of the longest running design competitions in Australia and is curated by Caroline Caneva FDIA (hon), which made this a highly anticipated event for both local and international designers. This event has showcased over 1000 pieces from more than 650 Australian designers. Designers such as Marc Pascal, Ross Gardnam, David Harwick, Dale Hardiman and Adam Lynch are only some of the past conquerors of this competition.

This event has been under the spotlight within the design community, thus we go further than just showcasing out Car’C coffee table. Our team has made valuable contacts with new emerging designers that would benefit our business and expand our furniture selection for future clients. Our Creative Director Lorca Biru believes in diversity in design. This is because every home should be personalised, and to do so we have to understand our clients’ preference. Hence, it will be best for us to build new contacts with other designers, as it will benefit both the business and clients.

Through this event, Lorca had the privilege in meeting Kristina Melnikova, who has recently won an AFA award, which will soon be exhibited in London. 

left image: Alan Barras, Lorca Biru, Kitty Danger & Alexander Tyquin. right image: Kristina Melnikova and her piece

And with the various products that were showcased, Lorca had picked ‘Lorca’s favourite pieces at VIVID’, which are (from top left, clockwise): X Coat Stand designed by Scott van Tuil, Counterpoint Light designed by Peter Milligan, Kubrick Stool designed by Jack Flanagan, and Corker Series of Pendant Lights designed by Max Harper.

Being a successful competition, VIVID exists under the umbrella of Décor + Design. This event has been long known as to be Australia’s premier interior event and has provided exhibitors with opportunities to further enhance their experience, drive business objectives and expand the market. This year the event ran between 16-19th of July, and has unveiled various furniture designs for commercial and residential properties.

Hundreds of stands from quality furniture, accessories, upholstery, rugs and building materials participated at this event. As you may already know, at Discover LLB, we believe in the concept of affordable luxury. Which is why our team was there to directly search the market to find the best possible deal for our clients. One of the highlights for this event was the Tibetan fur cushions from Darcy & Duke. These cushions were made from lamb furs, which feel very soft and natural. The good news is, because we love them so much, we have brought these cushions to Perth! So feel free in contacting us to get a hold of these amazing cushions at a special price.

We also love the pieces from Discover LLB’s main supplier, GlobeWest, 2016 collection. The designs are sleek, fresh and sophisticated. Especially GlobeWest’s new Levi dining chair. Lorca mentioned that the design of this dining chair is, “simple, clean, upholstered and effortless. It combines the formality and informality of design, by having a spacious seating allowance”.

In addition, we also established contact with an artwork supplier that offered us with glamorous print arts. Those artworks were amazing; we love their curated colours, shapes and ideas. Specifically each item portrays a bold and strong feel whilst offering a natural look at an affordable price for our client’s living space. 

On top of establishing important contacts with our design peers, our team also attended a wide range of seminars from influential people in the design industry. This seminar had provoked our thoughts and provided us with valuable insights and provocative discussions about the industry.

One of the seminars we attended was the Social Media in Design Industry, which was held by the Digital and UX Director Rowena Murray from Kenobi Digital (Melbourne-based creative digital and social media agency). Over her 20+ year experience in the marketing field, Ms Murray has worked as a publicist for some of Australia’s largest agencies, such as Weber Shandwick Worldwide and Grey, prior to choosing the digital marketing path.

Another seminar we attended was Finding Style, held by a Sydney Interior Stylist Jason Grant. Mr Grant always looks for new ways in expressing his creativity. His inspirations often derived from various colours and the beauty of the nature. Mr Grant has a long portfolio in styling residential spaces for Australian and International magazines such as: Inside Out, Belle, House & Garden, Real Living, Vogue Living, Australian Country Style, Elle Decoration and Living. He has also collaborated with other brands in creating signature collection such as with Murobond Paints. In addition to his long impressive portfolio, Mr Grant is a proud author of two books, A Place Called Home and Holiday at Home.

During the seminar at Décor + Design, Mr Grant inspired the participants to have confidence in finding the perfect style that match clients’ preference by designing from the heart, keeping it personal and decorating with what they love.

All in all, Discover LLB came back to Perth with heaps of inspirations to share with our existing and future clients. Now it all comes down to you in allowing us to turn your house into a home.