How To Pick The Right Artworks For Your Home

Whenever we watch movies, no matter if it’s Christian Grey’s luxury penthouse apartment in the CBD or Phil Dunphy’s suburban house, the appearance of their home always looks homey, inviting and livable. How? It all lies on how the interior stylists style the home set with the appropriate furniture, accessories and several of artworks to finish them up. Artworks are definitely a key point of making a home feels finished, personal and livable. It can be as simple as paintings, or even accessories such as statues, jewellery, or something personal.

Picking the right artworks is not as simple as it sounds. Some artworks are great to stand as their own, and some aren’t. It also depends on each person taste, and their aim of purchasing artworks; either as a collection, or as a display at home. It is very personal.

Here are our 5 tips of how to pick the right artworks for your home (make sure you follow the order, we found it easier that way!)

1. Define the purpose of the artworks
Define the purpose by knowing why do you need the artworks for. Do you want to collect the artworks as an investment? Or do you want to decorate your home? Or to put something personal of you in your home? Knowing the purpose of having artworks is an essential and basic key to do.

pictured: the art Gallery where Edvard Munch's the Scream painting sold for an estimated US$120 million at auction.

2. Define what type of artworks
There are a lot of artworks type, from paintings, sculpture, vases, glassworks or else. Define and sort what type of artworks are you after, then take it from there.

pictured: Van Der Woodsen Apartment set at Gossip Girl

3. Define the budget 
Budget is very important when purchasing artworks. Knowing how much do you want to spend gives you a curated selection of pieces you can afford. It’s no point admiring a great painting for $25,000 if you only want to spend $500 for a painting. By defining the budget, not only you have selections that you can have, but also preventing you to feel disappointed when you know you can not get the pieces that you love but clearly out of your range.

4. Define the location where the artworks will be displayed/stored and its dimension
Some people just buy pieces of anything at the shop without even thinking where are they going to place it at home. You need to stop this, because not only it will just clutter your home with a lot of things, it also mean you’ll spend your money un-wisely. Define what you need and imagine where to put it before you do any shopping. Measure the available space if needed.

pictured: Chuck Bass bedroom from Gossip Girl

5. Ask for help
If you can not choose or make up your mind and you are after for more into collectable art pieces, speak to art curators about the artworks and their stories. They will be happy to assist you with your queries.

If you need the artworks for more as a finishing touch for your home (decorative artworks), speak to interior designer for some advise. They can advise you the right size, shape and color and where to place the artworks that will make your home feels finish.