COMO The Treasury Hotel - Perth

The long wait for this beautiful precinct is almost over. Australia’s first luxurious Como property will be expected to open their doors by mid October 2015 in Perth’s 140 year old State Building that has just been revitalized by Kerry Hill and FJM Property. In saying that, the precinct now is one of the most significant heritage precincts in Perth, and Western Australia.

Lorca, the principal designer of DiscoverLLB was extremely gracious to be shown around the precinct by the State Building’s General Manager of food and beverage, Chris Pavlidis. Chris explained the design concept, history and the expectation of the precinct.

Once it’s completed, not only it will host 48 rooms, it will also have 4 restaurants and various bars including one from an acclaimed chef David Thompson called Long Chim.

Petition Beer corner and Petition Kitchen are located on the west side of the building, facing Barrack Street that is accessible from its Barrack Street entrance. Chris described Petition Beer as a ‘dine-in’ bottle shop. Not only can patrons taste a huge range of beers flowing from 18-hi-tech taps but they are also able to purchase bottled and canned beers to take home. Patrons will be slowly taken back to industrial era with exposed bricks, exposed un-oiled timber flooring and lots of steel. A vast contrast yet smooth transition from the grandeur Victorian style that outcast the building.

Next to Petition Beer Corner is Petition Kitchen; which still carries the industrial look from Petition Beer Corner next to it. It features an open kitchen with various type of dining configurations, and patterns! When the refurbishing was happening, they found a large quantity of wooden blocks from the building that couldn't be used within the construction. Instead of throwing them away, they sent them to the craftsmen in Fremantle and turned it into beautiful dining tables that are placed within the Petition Kitchen Restaurant. Whereas, both Petition Beer Corner and Petition Kitchen are still standing on the original, un-oiled timber flooring, which creates the magnificent ambiance yet historic meaning within it's surroundings.

Check its head-chef Jesse Blake in action!

Walking further inside from the Petition’s, we will be welcomed by the grandeur Postal Hall. This Victorian style Hall will host hand-picked tenants such as more restaurants, a florist and a wine bar. Chris also added that this space will be opened for public where public can walk thru via its St. George Tce or Barrack St. entrances for their causes or just to sip coffees with free-wifi provided. It truly has the feel of the outdoors, without physically being outside, or in the other word, bringing the outside in. The hotel reception is located at the right side after the hall to give a full privacy for its guests.

So Perthians, let’s get excited! This project will surely change Perth city living and in style!

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  1. Great write up! I absolutely can't wait until it opens! It's always good when heritage buildings can be restored and enhanced rather than replaced by souless kitsch architecture.