Waldorf Astoria Hotel Rome, A Beauty of Elegance

The Rome Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria Hotels and Resorts, perched atop a hill and housing one of the best restaurants in Italy ,'La Pergola', lies just outside the city centre and 3km from the renowned Vatican City. In this manner the Waldorf Astoria pays a fitting homage to the Seven Hills of Rome, echoing their ancient glory and prestige, yet this is just the beginning.

As what we can expect from the Waldorf Astoria, their first class concierge, service and ambiance had been delivered from the second we stepped in to the hotel.

It is golden, glitzy, artsy, opulent, extravagant, yet welcoming, warm and inviting. That's the first impression when entering the premise.

The lobby is astonishing! Entering the lobby was akin to entering an art gallery. It felt warm, luxurious, and inviting, and epitomised the classic ambiance of Waldorf Astoria. The raked curved metal ceiling embodied strength, opulence, dominance, and masculinity. This is duly contrasted by a ball of lamps arrangement, which provided a soft, cheerful and playful ambiance.

Upon experiencing the lobby is comes to no surprise that the Waldorf Astoria houses an art collection numbering more than 1,000 pieces from the 16th to the 20th century, located within the rooms, suites and the public areas. It also features a collection of Beauvais tapestries, matched only by those of The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and The Getty in Los Angeles. Famous Beauvais tapestries located within the lobby were one of the highlights.

The first impression upon entering our room was that it is spacious (considering the tight special layouts typical of Europe), luxurious and well appointed. The bed linen and the duvet is specially made for the Waldorf Astoria, with its logo embedded into the fabric.

Corresponding to the lobby, the room is adorned with pieces of the hotel artworks treasury. The curtains are arranged with an embellished style which generates an aristocratic ambiance, while all the furniture is champions the best of craftsmanship and design, featuring the sparingly embraced French trellis accents.

The hotel also sports an extensive gym and exercise area within its fifteen acres of lush Mediterranean parklands called the Cavalieri grand spa club, which is arguably one of the finest in Rome. The chef d'oeuvre here was the indoor heated pool showcasing the French Parisian style, but with Roman twist!

Everything here is glamorous, sophisticated, and pure perfection; a true Waldorf Astoria legacy!

pictured above: view from the hotel

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  1. This looks amazing! I would love to stay here