PROJECT PUTIH - A Multipurpose Residential

Recently the team at DiscoverLLB journeyed to a small town in Indonesian called Solo. Solo, is a culture rich, bustling town with some of the best street food that Indonesia has to offer. Our client had specifically request DiscoverLLB’s help designing this project with an incredibly difficult task. Our head designer, Lorca Langit Biru can’t say no to a good challenge and so we tackled it head on. 

The location of the project was on one of the farms owned by the client. The house that was being designed is located on the top part of the factory, which is on the farm. The biggest challenge of this project was the fact that the room was quite small and the shape of the room was actually triangular. These challenges didn’t faze Lorca as he could already envision the end results and they were breathtaking. 

Lorca and the DiscoverLLB team managed to give our client exactly what he desired. Due to the convenient location of the home in the factory, the 46sqm property can be doubled as not only a weekend getaway but also a private space for meetings with an aesthetically pleasing environment to make your clients feel at ease. ‘Project Putih’ also contains a lot of hidden storage that you don’t initially see. It is a well thought out design plan considering the small place that we had to work with. Therefore, files and any other mess can be stored away preventing the house looking like a cluttered disaster.

pictured above: The entry area



Considering current economic conditions, starting a business can be very difficult and can leave the wallet weighing a little less then it should. When starting a business there are various factors that must be taken into consideration, for example, your financial situation, owning a company name/logo, and, most importantly, owning a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing working space. 


Pacific Eden, A Weekend Gateway in Style

Pacific Eden, one of the newest members of P&O Cruises Australia since late 2015, has been renovated into a modern and nicely styled cruise ship aimed at the younger crowd. Tillberg Design (of Sweden) art director Fredrik Johansson, stated that the company had looked to hotels and restaurants to create the radically different residential design feel for Pacific Eden and her sister Pacific Aria. The brief was to move away from the formal, upright mass-market look and in to a private, intimate feel, more like a boutique hotel.


Entertaining In Your Home

Australians are very social people; we enjoy inviting people into our homes. Whether it be for a simple dinner, BBQ, pre-drinks before heading out, watching sports or hosting birthday parties. People are constantly coming and going, day and night.

Hosting isn’t easy; it requires planning, catering, cleaning... It’s even more difficult if your home isn’t designed for entertaining. Here are DiscoverLLB’s top tips on getting your home ready for entertaining. Just follow these steps and your guests are sure to be impressed! 

1. Make a list and be prepared
Who is coming? By knowing how many people are coming in, you can prepare the area and spaces in your home. Always be ready for a few unexpected extras to rock up. 


The Trustee Bar and Bistro

Located in Brookfield Place, The Trustee occupies one of the many heritage-listed buildings facing St. George Terrace.

When Brookfield Multiplex took over the site, the buildings were in very poor condition with considerable damage to the internal and external fabric, extensive water damage, graffiti-spray throughout, and wrought iron balustrading. With the help and advice of the Heritage Architects, Palassis, Brookfield Multiplex meticulously restored the building’s original finishes. 


8 Ways To Make A Stress-Free Home

Pliny the Elder said, “Home is where the heart is. Hence, it is important to have a tress-free home. Discover LLB came up with 8 simple rules to actualise this concept of a liveable and stress-free home.

Sticking to the basic and things that you actually need or will enhance the look of your room is the most important aspect of having a simple design. Over-decorating a room is the biggest mistake in interior designing, as it will create an unsettling feeling and become an eyesore.

1. KISS Rule (Keep It Simple Silly)

One of the most important aspects of simple design is picking a focal point of the room and accessorising the room with furniture and accents to complement the theme of the room. For example picking the perfect rugs, cushions, photos and artworks. Having the perfect accents will aid in bringing the room into life!


Young George, A Truly Neighborhood Gem in Fremantle

A local gem of Fremantle, Young George is situated just off the Canning Hwy and is a mix of a bottle shop and a wine bar. The wine bar is situated inside the old existing Fremantle terrace house with exposed bricks, and low ceiling, while the restaurant is located in the modern part of the Victorian building. The restaurant features a great extension at the back of the room, which offers a great contrast in between each style. We can see it from the flooring, which is kept as a timber flooring in the original part of the building and polished concrete through the extension. 


Petition Kitchen

We had a table for 2 reservation at one of this edgy restaurant in Perth. After previously reviewed the building, this time I will be reviewing the Petition Kitchen’s d├ęcor and its food.

Arriving at the Barrack Street entry, we were welcomed by the nice industrial foyer with sign saying Petition Kitchen on the left and Petition Beer Corner on the right. 


Brika Meze Bar

Located just outside the hustle and bustle of Northbridge, Brika is one of the first authentic Greek meze bars in Perth offering contemporary Greek cuisine with a rustic twist.


Modern Penthouse Living

It is simple, glamorous and inviting. That is the vibe that DiscoverLLB needs to achieve when designing this luxury penthouse apartment in South Perth. 

Inspired by the grandeur Georgian style, it perfectly combines the best of modern luxury living and stylish vintage couture.


5 Indulgence Perth Restaurants With A City View

Dining out nowadays is not about just eating to feel full. Eating out gives us an excuse to dress smartly and indulge in award winning wines and mouth-watering foods (which almost look better on Instagram than it does on the plate!). It’s all about the ambiance, the services, being surrounded by well-designed (or even award winning) interiors and of course, stunning views. It is simply more about the lifestyle; which we all love!

We are all know that Perth is home to stunning natural landscapes, with endless dining options lying within. However, what if you are after more than a sandy terrain and ocean breeze? Are you after a bustling city vibe with the great view for your dinner? There are plenty of options in Perth where you can enjoy this cityscape view with your meal. 

DiscoverLLB has chosen the top 5 Perth restaurants that ticked all of the requirements above – allowing you to enjoy summer and the best Perth has to offer without getting your oxford shoes or stilettos dirty!

1. Bistro Guillame – Burswood


West Coast House - Simplicity in Life

DiscoverLLB was hired by this young family to assist them when they were building their first home. As they were building a typical Australian home, one thing they want to avoid is having the ordinary look as other houses in the surrounding. They want to make their first house extraordinary, in an ordinary dwelling.

The brief of this project is simple, the house needs to be private yet open at the same time. The interior should be designed for a house built for a small family, yet is able to accommodate family gatherings. The overall design should not make the client feels as if he/she is in a confined space. The home design should be able to accommodate entertaining family/friends whilst having adequate space to mingle and move around. However, it should not represent a ‘convention room look’, as it is meant to be a house for everyone. The husband is a massive West Coast Eagles fan. This poses a problem as the wife is not a big supporter of football and she does not want the house to have a ‘merchandise shop’ look. To satisfy both parties, we integrated different elements of West Coast Eagles into the design without having a blatant view of AFL related merchandises.


Wildflower Perth

Only able to be accessed by the lift across the lobby, Wildflower is one of the trademark restaurants in the famous Como; The Treasury Hotel. Located on the 4th floor, this brand new roof top glass box addition situated above the existing State Buildings is simply magnificent.


Soleil at The Mulia Bali, Sunday Brunch At Its Best!

Soleil, meaning ‘sun’ in French is a trendy restaurant in Bali, known for its Sunday Brunch. Soleil is set in a stunning location of the beach side of the ultra-luxury Mulia Hotels and Resorts, selected as one of the best hotels and resorts in the world by Conde Nast in 2015. 


Il Riditto; The Cosy, Small Hidden Hideaway of Venice

Located just off the bustling San Marco Piazza, Venice’s main attraction, Il Riditto with its head chef Gianni Bonaccorsi takes you from the busy Venice streets into a warm, sophisticated and modern dining setting.


La Pergola Rome

Formal, classic, traditional, and luxurious; this was our first impression of La Pergola, the 3 Michelin Star restaurant located at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel (our hotel in Rome).