Il Riditto; The Cosy, Small Hidden Hideaway of Venice

Located just off the bustling San Marco Piazza, Venice’s main attraction, Il Riditto with its head chef Gianni Bonaccorsi takes you from the busy Venice streets into a warm, sophisticated and modern dining setting.

From the outside, it appears to be a typical Venetian building, which is rather unassuming for a 1 Michelin star rating restaurant. Everything changes once you step through the glass door; suddenly, you'll be taken away from the large, open plaza into a cosy 18 seat restaurant, only greatened by the placement of big wall-to-wall mirrors to create the large and spacious ambiance.

Although the interior is tiny for a restaurant, there’s no feeling of claustrophobia inside. This is partially due to Il Riditto’s high ceiling with an exposed wood structure and exposed brick wall that has been restored to create that warm and welcoming feel.

Our waiter greeted us and took our coats away, and for such a small space we were surprised that they even still have the cloak storage. Smartly designed, the cloakroom is is hidden behind the dining seats with sliding doors in a functional yet trendy style.

image above: the smart cloak storage

Once we were seated, the table arrangement was simple and consistent to the standards expected for fine dining. However, we were impressed by the choice of the water glasses. Using hand-made glass from Murano, each and every clear tumbler was unique. Although we don’t particularly seek random splash and non-uniform tableware, the spread worked excellently with the space, the history of Venice and the local flavour that spices up fine dining.

image above: dining setting with its Murano Glassware

We were ordering the two course lunch menu and dessert for this occasion, and food wise, it was simply divine. The entree consisted of 3 types of seafood tapas, while for mains I ordered the beef and my partner in crime picked the seafood. Even though I’m not a seafood fan, I can testify to say my main was amazing, but her fish was extraordinary!

For dessert, I selected the tiramisu and she had the mascarpone mousse with crunchy cocoa and pink grapefruit water ice. For my liking the tiramisu lacked of texture, however again, her mousse was simply splendid. 

Overall, this place is deserved its 1 Michelin star rating, the whole experience was a mixture between casual and fine. From the beautiful décor, knowledgeable waiters to the accommodating head chef who appeared for conversation, the experience was fantastic.

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  1. This looks amazing! Will have to check it out when I hopefully return to Venice!