West Coast House - Simplicity in Life

DiscoverLLB was hired by this young family to assist them when they were building their first home. As they were building a typical Australian home, one thing they want to avoid is having the ordinary look as other houses in the surrounding. They want to make their first house extraordinary, in an ordinary dwelling.

The brief of this project is simple, the house needs to be private yet open at the same time. The interior should be designed for a house built for a small family, yet is able to accommodate family gatherings. The overall design should not make the client feels as if he/she is in a confined space. The home design should be able to accommodate entertaining family/friends whilst having adequate space to mingle and move around. However, it should not represent a ‘convention room look’, as it is meant to be a house for everyone. The husband is a massive West Coast Eagles fan. This poses a problem as the wife is not a big supporter of football and she does not want the house to have a ‘merchandise shop’ look. To satisfy both parties, we integrated different elements of West Coast Eagles into the design without having a blatant view of AFL related merchandises.

The goal of the client was having a modern and sleek interior. This could be achieved by having bright designs that would coexist with natural lighting, which if combined, would create a bright and vivid looking home. One of the challenges for this house is to distinguish it from the rest within the neighborhood, done by highlighting the uniqueness of the house. This was a challenging task, because the house was built in a fairly narrow block.

Thus, creating space meant that several parts of the house have to be modified to meet the client’s needs; the house has to be spacious to accommodate children and to entertain house guests, without making the client feeling claustrophobic. The budget for this home was relatively small, which proposed its own difficulty. This is because almost all parts of the house except the guest bedrooms and the home-theatre room were designed by us. Majority of the budget were allocated to areas where the client has most physical interaction; sofas, chairs, counters and the floor tiles. The remainder of the budget were allocated for other pieces with less physical contact; this was made possible as items were outsourced from cheaper suppliers.


The initial concept that was desired by the client is to have a low maintenance and sustainable house; that is equipped with numerous openings, bright colours and made with robust materials. The house needs to be warm during the winter and breezy during the summer; this request was achieved by implementing double layer curtains and by having a north facing living room. Throughout the house, we installed LED lightings, water efficient faucets for bathrooms & the kitchen, and also environmentally approved prefinished material products for the cabinetry. The final outlook of the project was aligned with the client’s social needs. This was done by having furniture on legs to give off any airy and light illusion. Furthermore, all furniture are facing into one focal point. This actualises the concept of having multiple gathering areas, which creates an alluring sense of space.

We also incorporate blue and yellow colours scheme to fulfill the West Coast Eagles theme for the artworks, accessories and rug. The house comprised of timeless, simplistic, adaptable furniture and fittings. These eliminate the occupier’s need to replace furniture based on appearance. The occupants of the house would only need to accessorise the living space in order to give a refreshed look as the main colours are neutrals such as white floors, walls and ceiling with natural wood colour that can be blended with most colours.

The design of this house is versatile with a clean, straight lines and natural colour design. This can easily be modified by re-accessorising the house. All furniture/cabinetry were also designed to be simplistic and fitted to the wall. With most of the free standing furniture being on legs or having an open design, created the light spacious feel presented. This gives off the impression of a wider room without compromising the size of the furniture. It is a personal and an entertaining house. It is simplicity at its best; making the ordinary house extraordinary.

This house has been shortlisted for The International Green Interior Awards 2015, featured on DIA Awards WA 2015 and VIVID Design Competition 2015 for the furniture.