8 Ways To Make A Stress-Free Home

Pliny the Elder said, “Home is where the heart is. Hence, it is important to have a tress-free home. Discover LLB came up with 8 simple rules to actualise this concept of a liveable and stress-free home.

Sticking to the basic and things that you actually need or will enhance the look of your room is the most important aspect of having a simple design. Over-decorating a room is the biggest mistake in interior designing, as it will create an unsettling feeling and become an eyesore.

1. KISS Rule (Keep It Simple Silly)

One of the most important aspects of simple design is picking a focal point of the room and accessorising the room with furniture and accents to complement the theme of the room. For example picking the perfect rugs, cushions, photos and artworks. Having the perfect accents will aid in bringing the room into life!


Young George, A Truly Neighborhood Gem in Fremantle

A local gem of Fremantle, Young George is situated just off the Canning Hwy and is a mix of a bottle shop and a wine bar. The wine bar is situated inside the old existing Fremantle terrace house with exposed bricks, and low ceiling, while the restaurant is located in the modern part of the Victorian building. The restaurant features a great extension at the back of the room, which offers a great contrast in between each style. We can see it from the flooring, which is kept as a timber flooring in the original part of the building and polished concrete through the extension. 


Petition Kitchen

We had a table for 2 reservation at one of this edgy restaurant in Perth. After previously reviewed the building, this time I will be reviewing the Petition Kitchen’s d├ęcor and its food.

Arriving at the Barrack Street entry, we were welcomed by the nice industrial foyer with sign saying Petition Kitchen on the left and Petition Beer Corner on the right. 


Brika Meze Bar

Located just outside the hustle and bustle of Northbridge, Brika is one of the first authentic Greek meze bars in Perth offering contemporary Greek cuisine with a rustic twist.