Entertaining In Your Home

Australians are very social people; we enjoy inviting people into our homes. Whether it be for a simple dinner, BBQ, pre-drinks before heading out, watching sports or hosting birthday parties. People are constantly coming and going, day and night.

Hosting isn’t easy; it requires planning, catering, cleaning... It’s even more difficult if your home isn’t designed for entertaining. Here are DiscoverLLB’s top tips on getting your home ready for entertaining. Just follow these steps and your guests are sure to be impressed! 

1. Make a list and be prepared
Who is coming? By knowing how many people are coming in, you can prepare the area and spaces in your home. Always be ready for a few unexpected extras to rock up. 

2. Know the occasion
Whether it’s a one off themed party or a regular event, knowing the occasion will help you decide what you need to do and will settle your mind. 

3. Clean the clutter and unnecessary items
Put away the magazines stacks, the unopened letters, the overly crowded tables, and keep the house clear, accessible with plenty of empty surfaces for food and drink. Empty top surfaces are necessary when a lot of people (and their bags, phones, drinks etc.) come through your front door. 

4. Less is more
Reduce the amount of colours, textures and shapes you have in your hosting area. This will create a crisp and spacious feel in your home. You want to avoid having a cluttered room that feels claustrophobic!

5. Think practical! 
Your home is no longer just for you and your family. There are going to be a lot of extra people. Consider traffic flows, seating, and standing areas. Even adding a few extras bins around the house will make the post-party clean up a lot easier! 

6. Save your precious items
Unless you need them for the occasion, store your precious, personal items in safe places. A lot of people in one spot often leads to broken items. 

7. Clean!
Wipe away the dust, wash the dishes, vacuum the carpet, and mop the floor! You want the house to look presentable and welcoming to everyone. Also, putting a floor mat at the entrance will encourage your guests to wipe their shoes/feet in it before entering.

8. Make it clear which areas are public and private
Unless if it’s a housewarming party, you don’t really want to show your guests your bedrooms or your storage room. Make a clear sign to show which areas are private or public, perhaps by locking the doors or simply put a sign on it.

9. Don't forget the bathroom!
They might not seeing it at first, but they will at some point and will judge you based on it! Make sure that room is shiny and spotless!