Considering current economic conditions, starting a business can be very difficult and can leave the wallet weighing a little less then it should. When starting a business there are various factors that must be taken into consideration, for example, your financial situation, owning a company name/logo, and, most importantly, owning a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing working space. 

With the growth of the company, Discover LLB needed to expand, which meant finding the right space at the right price. We came across an office building that accommodates many different people with many different agendas. Within this two-level office building, we found an office that was approximately 15m2, allowing us to continue to expand the business. Head Designer Lorca Biru was determined to create a nice, relaxing working environment that comfortably fits 4 people and also has space for a little nap area – for when those work days are getting a little too stressful! Lorca was determined to give to his team an office with a 5 star look but on a budget that everyone can afford. This new office is located in the middle of a number of office suites, meaning Lorca had to create an environment that was both private and inspiring for his team members. 

When working on a budget, doing it yourself can make a world of difference and can save you a lot of money! By taking a DIY approach, you save on finding someone to build the furniture, hang the paintings etc. Be creative, mix and match, think out side the box. You don’t always have to buy the desk and chairs that are matched in the furniture stores. At places such as Officeworks you can buy desk tops in many different colours and sizes – you can even choose which legs you’d like to go with them! You don’t have to spend a lot of money for something to look in good in a space. Kmart and Ikea are perfect examples of how cheaper products can do the same job as the more expensive ones, depending on how they are placed in a room. Even consider taking an object and changing its core function. For example, white boards in the office can be surprisingly expensive. Instead of purchasing a white board, Lorca combined a poster frame with white corflute. The total cost for both items was $19.85 whereas the same size whiteboards from some office shops cost over $50. The DIY option not only saves you money but also gives you a larger, nice looking white board to work on with your clients. 

The sofa gives a more relaxed environment for team members and also allows the client to feel more comfortable. The sofa is a comforting area for team members to hold a meeting and discuss various topics with the client. The coffee table in the office can open out creating extra storage space (which is a must-have in a small office space). Pot plant holders and jars are great for keeping pens and stationary hidden and your desk neat and tidy. Having living plants in an office and can be tedious and difficult to maintain. However, research has found that green vegetation can reduce stress, so we included some artificial plants to ensure the Discover LLB team can work in a stress free working environment. 

The office came with a grey painted brick wall, with white partition and a black carpet. As we had challenge ourselves to do this in a low budget we couldn't change the colour scheme. This wasn’t a problem for Lorca as he was able to use gold and yellow colours to give the room a brighter touch. 

Having a low cost, productive and visually pleasing office no longer has to be a dream. Remember that anything that is placed in the room has been placed there for a reason and serves a very important function. 

For more info, do not be hesitate to check our little admin-studio on Suite 9B / 49 Hay Street, Subiaco WA 6008.


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