PROJECT PUTIH - A Multipurpose Residential

Recently the team at DiscoverLLB journeyed to a small town in Indonesian called Solo. Solo, is a culture rich, bustling town with some of the best street food that Indonesia has to offer. Our client had specifically request DiscoverLLB’s help designing this project with an incredibly difficult task. Our head designer, Lorca Langit Biru can’t say no to a good challenge and so we tackled it head on. 

The location of the project was on one of the farms owned by the client. The house that was being designed is located on the top part of the factory, which is on the farm. The biggest challenge of this project was the fact that the room was quite small and the shape of the room was actually triangular. These challenges didn’t faze Lorca as he could already envision the end results and they were breathtaking. 

Lorca and the DiscoverLLB team managed to give our client exactly what he desired. Due to the convenient location of the home in the factory, the 46sqm property can be doubled as not only a weekend getaway but also a private space for meetings with an aesthetically pleasing environment to make your clients feel at ease. ‘Project Putih’ also contains a lot of hidden storage that you don’t initially see. It is a well thought out design plan considering the small place that we had to work with. Therefore, files and any other mess can be stored away preventing the house looking like a cluttered disaster.

pictured above: The entry area