Manise -A Taste of Indonesia

Manse is a small, peaceful and lovely Indonesian restaurant located at shop 2, 449 William Street, Northbridge. It was opened 16 years ago and has been passed down the family from generation to generation. Although it is situated in busy Northbridge the restaurant itself is in quite a hidden location. They offer catering for parties, cocktail style events and wedding parties for up to 30 people.

Manise has fast service and delicious food which is all made from scratch, in store where the sauces are simmering for approximately 3 hours to release as much flavour as possible so your tastebuds will sing when you eat it. All the food is made from traditional Indonesian recipes such as beef rending and fried chicken skin, which comes with an amazing chilli sauce that packs a lot of flavour and adds another dimension to the dish.

Although the range of food is quite limited, they still offer dishes from all different parts of Indonesia to showcase the variety and culture of Indonesia to Australian people. Manise offers many different specials everyday so you are sure to find a deal that fits you and your family perfectly for an exceptional dinner that won't affect your wallet too much. Also with different levels of chilli available, no matter what your spice tolerance, everyone can enjoy their meal. Manise also have take away and uber eats options available.

The restaurant is set out in a café style with traditional Indonesian décor. We recommend you book in advance to ensure a place due to the restaurant being so small and therefore not having many tables available. However the owners are looking to expand very soon so as to invite more people so they too can enjoy a taste tour around Indonesia.