Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) is home to Malaysia Airlines. After a few uneventful years from the missing aircraft to being so close to being bankrupt, Malaysia Airlines (MH) slowly regaining its public trust.

MH operates three lounges in KLIA which located in the domestic terminal, main international terminal and the flagship lounge at the satellite terminal. Their current lounges in KUL hub were pretty dated, and they were due for refurbishment, and that’s what they’ve done.

When we visited KLIA, the satellite terminal was still under construction, so we were referred to their newly refurbished regional terminal which we think was really excellent.

Situated on the upper floor of the main terminal after the immigration, the lounge entry is pretty easy to recognise, except sometimes you might get lost due to the circular design of the airport terminal and poor signage.

Your onward Malaysian Airlines or any partners and One World airlines business/first class tickets alongside One World Sapphire and Emerald will get you entry to this beautiful yet functional lounge.
Our first impression of the lounge was spacious, modern yet ethnic. Yes, they removed the pond, but the refurbished lounge offers a lot more to compensate that missing pond.

Photo above: The old Regional Lounge with the pond

The refurbished regional lounge utilise warm, neutral and brown tone which adds extra comfort.

All the buffet cabinets alongside the bar tables and newspaper stands are made from white Carrara marble. What makes them interesting is that they’ve added Peranakan tiles to it which blends well. 

Photos above: Buffet and Live Cooking section

The lounge has a separate section for dining seats, bar seats, lounging seats, nap area, toilets/bathrooms and a dedicated manned bar with various drinks offered. 

Most seats are equipped with USB/universal power supply which we believe should be a standard in this present life.
Photo above: Seats with universal power plug and/or USB

The buffet features a selection of Asian, European and International dishes with the menus rotating weekly. Passengers can indulge in favourites such as Chicken Biryani, Beef Korma and Grilled Fish with Mango and Chilli Salsa depending on the week they are travelling in. There is also a selection of healthy salads, sandwiches, fresh fruit and soup.

The highlight of the food was the Laksa Bar, which truly shows a uniquely Malaysian experience. Each week highlights a different type of Laksa from the various states of Malaysia.

Photo above: Laksa of the day

The furniture has been thought well; it features the natural rattan wicker that’s been modernised with style and comfort.
 Photo above: The modern wickery sofa

Photos above: Peranakan tiles as accentuate

Overall, this refurbished regional lounge is a great lounge that’s not only modern, welcoming, functional but also embrace the Malaysian heritage in it. We cannot wait to see their flagship satellite lounge that will be open from March 2018.